Volume 45, Issue 1 Winter 2022

Special Education: Inclusive Pedagogy & Online Leaning in the Era of the New Normal

Invited Guest Editors: Michael Fitzpatrick & Raschelle Neild

Complete Issue

Individual Manuscripts:

An Introduction to the New Normal
Michael Fitzpatrick & Raschelle Neild

The Use of Online Discussion Boards for the Pre-Service Special Education
Angelia M. Yount & Nena R. Neild

How One Teacher Preparation Program Addressed Its Students’ Needs During the “New Normal”
Beth McBride Pinheiro, Cara McDermott-Fasy, Steve Imber & Paul G. LaCava

Special Education: Inclusive Pedagogy & Online Learning UDL Strategies for Inequities Beyond Emergency Remote Learning: A Family Focus
Amanda Crecelius & Raschelle Neild

Special Education in Pandemic Times: Parental Perspectives of the Virtual Teaching-&-Learning Process
Eugenia Lambert & Michael Fitzpatrick

Tele-Assessment Considerations for School Psychologists in the Covid-19 Era
Brittany A. Dale, Carly McDonald, & Raschelle Neild

Considerations for Using Virtual Manipulatives & an Explicit Instruction Format in a Virtual Learning Environment
Scott Dueker & Vanessa Desai

Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Special Educators’ Strategies for Success
Barry W. Birnbaum, Kristin Wiseley, & Christine J. Anderson