Volume 4, Issue 1

Complete Issue

From The Editor
Eric C. Sheffield

Individual Manuscripts:

Asian Pacific American College Freshman: Attitudes toward the Abolishment of Affirmative Action in College Admissions
Nicholas D. Hartlep, Madonna M. Ecker, Donald D. Miller, & Kimberly E. Whitmore

The Creative Process Entailed in the Co-Construction of Classroom Curriculum
Olha Ketsman

Digital Renegades in America: Changing Metaphors to Realize the Potential of Technology in Education
Thomas Smith

Moving Beyond Journaling to Dialogues in Writing
Cindy Hail, Sue George, & John Hail

Book Review:
Critical Aesthetic Education—Towards a Theory of Self and Social Empowerment
by Yolanda Medina
Reviewed by Rosa María Mejía

Video Essay:
Fixing the Schools: The Limits of Standardized Tests with Walter Feinberg