Volume 9, Issue 2

Complete Issue

From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach


Some Strange Magic: The Disruption of the Whiteness of Castle Play through Improvisation
Sam Tanner & Erin T. Miller

Classics and Contemporaries: The “Top Ten” Books Recommended by Some of the Finest in the Education Academy
Noelle A. Paufler & Audrey Amrein-Beardsley

Mathematical Modeling of Preschool Children’s Epistemological Views
Gökhan Güneş, Volkan Şahin, Aysel Berksoy Taşdan, & Semra Erkan

“To Get Somewhere in Life”: Family Support and Persistence in School
Nastasia Lawton-Sticklor


Contemporary Philosophical Proposals for the University: Toward a Philosophy of Higher Education
By Aaron Stoller & Eli Kramer, Eds.
Reviewed by Laura E. Smithers

By the Light of the Silvery Moon: Teacher Moonlighting and the Dark Side of Teachers’ Work
By Eleanor J. Blair, Editor
Reviewed by Clint Iadanza

Get Out
By Jordan Peele
Reviewed by JQ Adams