Volume 7, Issue 3, Special Issue on Critical Inquiry

Complete Issue

From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach

Guest Editors’ Introduction:

Critical Inquiry for the Social Good: Methodological Work as a Means for Truth Telling in Education
Aaron Kuntz & Austin Pickup

Individual Manuscripts:

Critical Inquiry as Virtuous Truth-Telling: Implications of Phronesis & Parrhesia
Austin Pickup

Dropping My Anchor Here: A Post-Oppositional Approach to Social Justice Work in Education
Kakali Bhattacharya

Intimate Inquiry: A Love-Based Approach to Qualitative Inquiry
Crystal T. Laura

Toward a Methodology of Death: Deleuze’s “Event” as Method for Critical Ethnography
Sophia Rodriguez

Turning the Lens: Reflexivity in Research & Teaching with Critical Discourse Analysis
Trevor Warburton

Jazz Researchers: Riding the Dissonance of Pedagogy and Inquiry
Brian D. Lozenski

Reconciling the Knowledge of Scholars & Practitioners: An Extended Case Analysis of the Role of Theory in Student Affairs
Ezekiel Kimball

Disrupting the Able-Bodied Normativity of Shared Power in the Duoethnographic Process: A Critical, Disability Studies Lens
Emily A. Nusbaum & Kathleen C. Sitter

Missing Stories: The Messy Processes, Multifaceted Risks, & Multiple Roles of Critical Ethnographers
Joy Howard, Candace Thompson, Kindel Nash, & Sophia Rodriguez