Volume 42, Issue 1 Fall 2019

What the Binaries Can(not) Hold: Exploring the Possibilities of Intersectional Praxis as Gender Liberation in Higher Education

Invited Guest Editors:
Chase Catalano, Virginia Tech University
T.J. Jourian, Independent Scholar
Rachel Wagner, Clemson University

Complete Issue

Individual Manuscripts:

Editors’ Introduction
Chase Catalano, T.J. Jourian, & Rachel Wagner

Unfolding Trans Epistemologies, Lessons and Solidarities
Cris Mayo

Brother Insider: Towards a Trans* Onto-Epistemology
Qui Dorian Alexander

Feminist Theorizing of Men and Masculinity: Applying Feminist
Perspectives to Advance College Men and Masculinities Praxis
Ashley M. Brown & Khaled J. Ismail

Intersectional Transfeminist Student Activism: Transforming
U.S. College Communities Through Everyday Anti-Cissexism
Leigh-Anne Francis & Marla L. Jaksch

Envisioning New Praxis for Gender and Sexuality Resource
Center: Place-Consciousness in Postsecondary Education
Alex C. Lange

(Trans)gressing Faculty Development: Empowering Faculty to
Support Trans* College Students through a Conceptual Model
for Emancipatory Education
Katy S. Jaekel & Molly B. Holmes

Trans Liberation in Graduate Education: Reflections on a Project
Centering Trans Collegians
Jeane Pauline De Guzman Robles, Benjamin C. Kennedy, Soren Dews,
& Jason C. Garvey

In Search of Her: An Autoethnographic Search For Self in
Virtual Landscapes
Z Nicolazzo