Why Kids Hate School (2007)

Edited by Steven P. Jones, Eric C. Sheffield, Cathy Pearman

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Why kids hate school


Section I:  The Political Landscape                                                            

Why Kids Hate School?  Why Do We Care?
Philip Cusick

Hey, All You Data Crunchers:  What Schools Need is a Happiness Index
Susan Ohanian

Why Do Kids Hate School?  A Question of Context
David Owen

Section II:  Hearing the Voices of Students                                                            

The Republic of Middle School:  “At-Risk” Student Voices on Virtue, Justice, and Happiness, and the Unhappiness Endemic to Education
Lynda George

Why Kids Hate School: What the Kids Say!
Emmett E. Sawyer and Judith Gregg

Dropouts or Pushouts? The Unintended Consequences of School Practices
Karen S. Scott

Section III:  Arguments for Student-Centered Teaching                          

Standardization or the Courage to Be:  Educational Counterpoints
Don Hufford

Dismissed Potential:  Why Kids “Hate” School
Karla J. Smart-Morstad and Sara B. Triggs

Learner-Centered Instructional Relationships:  Encouraging Students to  Learn, Grow, and Like School
Adam P. Harbaugh and Jeffrey H. D. Cornelius-White

Section IV:  Philosophical Considerations                                                 

John Dewey’s Theory of Experience:  Some Ideas as to Why Kids (Might) Hate School
Eric C. Sheffield

Inspiration from the Ancients:  Quintilian on the Art of Teaching
Pauline Nugent

I Just Don’t See the Point!  The Role of Educational Ideals in Student Attitudes Toward School
Stefan Broidy

Section V:  Subject-Matter Considerations                                                           

What’s Wrong with American Education, and Can it be Fixed?
Thomas E. Deering

Why Kids Hate Special Education:  The Unfulfilled Promises of IDEA
Jerry Whitworth

Whatever Happened to Reading for Fun?
Debbie Landry, Bonnie Giese, and Roxanne Fillmore

Why Do Students Hate to Read? Researching the Reading Attitudes and Coping Strategies of University Students
Susan Anne Carlson

How We Help Hapless Students Hate School
Roy F. Fox

Science Phobia:  Could No Help with Spatial Skills be a Factor?
Jill (Alice A.) Black

Section VI:  Final Thoughts and Future Directions                                               

Twelve Questions We Must Ask about Why Kids Hate School
Steven P. Jones