Volume 2, Issue 2

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From the Editor 
Eric C. Sheffield

Individual Manuscripts:

How Should We Evaluate Student Teachers?
Thomas Deering

Peer Debriefing: Teachers’ Reflective Practices for Professional Growth
Cindy Hail, Beth Hurst, & Deanne Camp

Predictors of Teacher Candidate Success in Developing a Capstone Project: The Teacher Work Sampling (TWS) Methodology
Paul Watkins and Shelley Watkins

Turn with Students: Making Conversation a Priority in Teacher Education
William Gregory Harman

Book Reviews:

The Myth of the Model Minority: Asian Americans Facing Racism by Rosalind S. Chou & Joe R. Feagin
Reviewed by Nicholas D. Hartlep

Rituals and Student Identity in Education: Ritual Critique for a New Pedagogy by Richard A. Quantz with Terry O’Connor & Peter Magdola
Reviewed by Dennis Attick

Video Essay:

Miseducating the Nonexistent Citizen with Dan Kaufman