Volume 12, Issue 1

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From The Editor
Eric C. Sheffield


Troubling Dominant Understandings of Emotion in Educational
Emma M. McMain & Zoe Higheagle Strong

Preparing Preservice Teachers to Implement Holocaust Curriculum in Elementary Grades: A Study that Shows the Effects on Undergraduate Students’ Cognitive, Reflective, Affective, and Active Domains
Ilene Allgood & Rachayita Shah

Peer Bullies and Victims’ Perceptions of Moral Transgression versus Morally-Aimed Dishonesty
Yuki Hasebe, Colin R. Harbke, & Nadia Sorkhabi

Student Teachers of Literacy in Different Preparation Models: Does a Teacher Residency Provide an Advantage?
Doreen L. Mazzye & Michelle A. Duffy

Teacher Educator Perceptions of Characteristics of Self-Efficacy
Cathy Pearman, Freddie Bowles, & Walter Polka