Volume 8, Issue 2, Special Issue on Critical Inquiry (part 2)

Complete Issue

From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach

Guest Editors’ Introduction:

Critical Inquiry, Truth-telling, and the Good: Problematization and Reconstruction for a Socially Just Education
Austin Pickup & Aaron Kuntz

Individual Manuscripts:

The Ethics of Critical Inquiry: Educational Research Informed by Parrhēsia
David J. Roof, Elena Polush, & Philip Boltz

Truth-telling, Ritual Culture, and Latino College Graduates in the Anthropocene
Ryan Evely Gildersleeve

Reconceptualizing the Role of an Educational Researcher: A Critical Multicultural Educator’s Perspective
Dilys Schoorman

Performing Critical Work: The Challenges of Emancipatory Scholarship in the Academic Marketplace
Jason C. Garvey, Jeni Hart, Garrett D. Hoffman, Susan V. Iverson, Amy Scott Metcalfe, Tania D. Mitchell, Jonathan T. Pryor, & Christin L. Seher

Indigenous Social Justice Pedagogy: Teaching into the Risks and Cultivating the Heart
Valerie J. Shirley

Picturing Obama: Race, High School Students, and a Critical Methodology of the Visual
William L. Smith

Striking out on their Own: Lessons Learned from Student Teaching During and After the Chicago Teachers Union Strike
Brian Horn

Like a Phoenix Rising: The Pedagogy of Critically Reclaiming Education
Sally McMillan, Reese H. Todd, & Margaret A. Price

Stepping up for Childhood: A Contextual Critical Methodology
Konstantine Kyriacopoulos & Marta Sánchez