Volume 2, Issue 1

Complete Issue

From the Editor
Eric C. Sheffield

Individual Manuscripts:

Max’s Family Experience: Web-Resources for Working with Special Education Students and their Families
Raschelle Theoharis & Michael Fitzpatrick  

The Jar is Half-Empty and The Jar is Half-Full: Challenges and Opportunities in Graduating First-Generation African American Undergraduates
O. Gilbert Brown

Loving and Hating High School:  Divided Opinion among Adults in a Rural University Town
Craig B. Howley, Diana Pickett, Peter Brown & Laura Kay

Racial Harmony & Heroes: A Content Analysis of the Pearson Reading Program “Good Habits, Great Readers” 
Brandelyn Tosolt & Bettina L. Love

Film Reviews:

Waiting for Superman,  Directed by Davis Guggenheim
Reviewed by Joseph Flynn

Race to Nowhere,  Written and Directed by Vicki Abeles.
Reviewed by Sarah Militz-Frielink

Book Review:

So Much Reform, So Little Change:  The Persistence of Failure in Urban Schools, by Charles M. Payne
Reviewed by Eric Yoak

Video Essays:

Why Do Kids Hate School? Why Do We Care with Philip Cusick
Hey All You Data Crunchers: What We Really Need is a Happiness Index with Susan Ohanian