Volume 11, Issue 2

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From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach


Teaching Affirmative Action in the Classroom: Locating Justice and Interrogating Meritocracy
Hoang Vu Tran

A Focus on Civility with Public School Educators and Students
Jeanne Qvarnstrom

What Exactly are we doing Here? Reflections on the Role of Critical Educational Studies
Josue Lopez

Homeless Students” Lived Experiences in Postsecondary Institutions and Academe: A Hermeneutic-Phenomenological Study
Steven Roth & Boatombo M. Bongoy

Opportunities and Obstacles to Making Innovation A Priority in Education
Robert W. Smith & Kayce Anne Smith


Redefining the Goal: The True Path to Career Readiness in the 21st Century
By Kevin Flemming
Reviewed by Meg Turley