Volume 44, Issue 2 Winter 2021

Teaching in a Pandemic: Reaching Multilingual and Marginalized Students

Invited Guest Editors: Gloria Delany-Barmann, Carla Paciotto, & Lindsay Meeker

Complete Issue

Individual Manuscripts:

Editors’ Introduction
Gloria Delany-Barmann, Carla Paciotto, & Lindsay Meeker

Equity for Multilingual Learners in State COVID-19 Guidance
Hayley Weddle, Anita Caduff, & Megan Hopkins

Pedagogy of the Elusive: Teaching English Learners in Uncertain Spaces
Reynaldo Reyes

Collaborating to Accommodate: Teacher Insights about Providing SPED and EL Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Nicholette DeRosia, Kevin Donely, Dana Cohen Lissman, Jerry Rosiek, Mary Cartee, & Stacy Arbuckle

A Pedagogy of Care: Practices of Social Justice Advocates during COVID 19
Juan Manuel Niño

Serving ALL Students: Social and Emotional Learning in a “Press Pause” World
Pamela R. Rockwood

Navigating the Educational Needs of Rural Multilingual Students during the Pandemic: Parents’ Experiences and Perspectives
Gloria Delany-Barmann, Carla Paciotto, & Lindsay Meeker

Applications for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) in the Era of COVID
Denis Dyshko, Tanya Razuvaeva, & Elizabeth Minei