Volume 39, Issue 1 2016

On the Nature of Controversy as Pedagogy
Invited Guest Editor: John E. Petrovic, The University of Alabama

Complete Issue

Individual Manuscripts:

On the Nature of Controversy as Pedagogy: Introduction
John E. Petrovic

Alasdair MacIntyre and Contemporary Capacity for the Epistemic Criterion
Brett Bertucio

Criteria for Controversy: A Theoretic Approach
Paul Anders & Nicholas Shudak 

Controversy’s Graveyard: The School of Education Classroom and Educational Policy Debate
Richard Hartsell & Susan B. Harden

Queer Educations: Pondering Perverse Pedagogy
Adam J. Greteman

Profanity as Pedagogy
Mychelle Hadley Smith

Reframing the “Controversy” over Evolution and Intelligent Design
Ronald Lee Zigler

White on White Education: The Power of Intersectional Sociological Imagination and Autobiography as Tools for Examining Controversy in Teacher Education
Kelly McFaden & Sheri C. Hardee