Volume 3, Issue 1

Complete Issue

From The Editor  
Eric C. Sheffield

Individual Manuscripts:

Roots of Attrition: Reflections of Teacher Candidates in Title I Schools 
Cathy J. Pearman & Shirley Lefever-Davis 

ZEAL: An Aesthetic Revolution for Education
Barbara A. Clark & James Joss French

Learning to Feel What We See: Critical Aesthetics and “Difficult Knowledge” in an Age of War
Jessica A. Heybach

Here, There and Anywhere: Transfer of Learning
Deanne Camp

Book Reviews:

Power, Resistance, and Literacy: Writing for Social Justice by Julie Gorlewski
Reviewed by Stephen Vassallo & Lynn Zimmerman

Thinking-based Learning: Promoting Quality Student Achievement in the 21st Century by Robert J. Swartz, et. al.
Reviewed by Karla Smart-Morstad

Video Essay:

The Strange Social Life of Teenagers with Mark Bauerlein