Volume 9, Issue 1

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From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach


Systemic Constraints on Students’ Appropriation of Reform Oriented Curriculum
Nancy Ares, Dawn M. Evans, & Alice M. Harnischfeger

Teaching for Change: New Teachers’ Experiences with and Visions for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Noah Borrero, Asra Ziauddin, & Alexandra Ahn

Kigali and Pheonix: Historical Similarities between Pre-genocide Rwanda and Arizona’s Anti-immigrant Wave
Eric Dwyer

Aesthetic Movements of a Social Imagination: Refusing Stasis and Educating Relationally/Critically/Responsibly
Kelly W. Guyotte

Book Reviews:

Intersectional Pedagogy: Complicating Identity and Social Justice
By Kim Case, Ed.
Reviewed by Amber Moore

Baudrillard, Youth, and American Film: Fatal Theory and Education
By Kip Kline
Reviewed by Gabriel Keehn