Thresholds Recent Issues

Volume 43, Issue 1: Critical Health Education in Critical Times: Pedagogy, Praxis, & Possibilities
Invited Guest Editors: Shannon Leigh Jette & Carolyn Pluim

Volume 42, Issue 1: What the Binaries Can(not) Hold:
Exploring the Possibilities of Intersectional Praxis as
Gender Liberation in Higher Education

Invited Guest Editors: Chase Catalano, T.J. Jourian, & Rachel Wagner

Volume 41, Issue 3: The Illinois Problem
Invited Guest Editors: Jessica A. Heybach & Eric C. Sheffield

Volume 41, Issue 2: Teaching About Islam in U.S. Schools
Invited Guest Editor: Natasha Hakimali Merchant

Volume 41, Issue 1: What can American Educators Learn from 
International Education?
Invited Guest Editors: Karla Smart-Morstad & Sara B. Triggs

Volume 40, Issue 1: Critical Issues in Higher Education
Invited Guest Editor: Daniel B. Saunders

Volume 39, Issue 1: On the Nature of Controversy as Pedagogy
Invited Guest Editor: John E. Petrovic

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