Critical Questions in Education

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An open access online journal devoted to the critical examination of educational policy and practice from a foundations perspective

Aim and ScopeCritical Questions in Education is sponsored by the Academy for Educational Studies.  The aim of this national double blind peer-reviewed on-line journal is to provide educators at all levels a space in which timely or timeless questions about educational policy and practice might be addressed.  More particularly, Critical Questions in Education invites manuscripts that critically address issues of policy and practice from a generally foundational perspective including, but not limited to, economic, historical, pedagogical, philosophical, psychological, and sociological analyses.   In addition to original manuscripts, we also invite critical reviews of newly published books and films that address critical educational issues. See the Instructions for Authors page for details.

The types of questions we hope to address in this journal mirror the theme questions of our last several Academy conferences: Has Higher Education Lost its Soul?  What Ideas in Education are Worth Keeping? Should Public Schools be Radically Reformed? What should the Role of Religion be in 21st-Century Public Schools? & Why do Kids Hate School?  We hope that this online journal will be a regularly visited public space that will foment debate, discussion, and action well beyond the walls of academe.

Academy Disclaimer: Manuscripts published in Critical Questions in Education do not necessarily represent the views of the editor, editorial assistants, or members of the Academy.  The authors of the manuscripts are solely responsible for ensuring that they do not infringe on copyright or violate any right of privacy.

APC/Submission Charges: There are absolutely no fees charged for the submission or publication of articles in Critical Questions in Education.

Copyright © 2015 Academy For Educational Studies:  Critical Questions in Education ascribes to the copyright regulations of the Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0.  In short, the Academy for Educational Studies retains copyright of published manuscripts; however, authors may freely (and without prior permission) reprint, republish, reproduce, distribute, share electronically (or in any other way) manuscripts published in Critical Questions in Education without restriction or cost provided that Critical Questions in Education is given credit as the original publisher of said manuscript(s).

Editorial Board:

Eric C. Sheffield, Founding Editor
Western Illinois University

Steven P. Jones
Missouri State University

Stefan Broidy
Wittenberg University

Betsy Burrows
Brevard College, North Carolina

Karla Smart-Morstad
Concordia College





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