Volume 43, Issue 1 Fall 2020

Critical Health Education in Critical Times: Pedagogy, Praxis, & Possibilities

Invited Guest Editors:

Shannon Leigh Jette
Carolyn Pluim

Complete Issue

Individual Manuscripts:

Editors’ Introduction
Shannon Leigh Jette & Carolyn Pluim

Health Discourses in Formal Education: Why a Counter-Paradigm is Essential in the Quest for Social Justice
Krishna Bhagat & Michelle Teegarden

Curricular Disorder: Disability Studies, Eating Disorders, and Health and Physical Education in Ontario, Canada
Stephanie Dotto & Kristi Allain

Embodying Sporty Girlhood: Health and the Enactment of “Successful” Femininities
Sheryl Clark, Jessica Francombe-Webb, & Laura Palmer

“The only thing Mohawk in the Classroom was the Students:” A Narrative Inquiry into Physical Health Education Teacher Education in Canada
Derek Wasyliw, Lee Schaefer, Jordan Koch, Amelia Tekwatonti McGregor, & Philip Maxie Deering

Participatory Arts-Based Health Research with Primary School Children: “Muddling through” Complexities for Mutual Understanding
Tineke Abma & Janine Schrijver

Understanding Heath Viscerally: The Role of Kinesthetic Experience in Defining Health
Lisa Perhamus

Image of Transition: Using Embodied Pedagogy to Facilitate Difficult Topics and Build Empathy
Patrick Crowley, Shannon Leigh Jette, Tricia Homer, Stephanie Cork, & Anna Posbergh