Volume 6, Issue 2

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From The Editors
Jessica A. Heybach
Eric C. Sheffield

Individual Manuscripts:

Islands Unto Themselves: How Merit Pay Schemes May Undermine Positive Teacher Collaboration
T. Jameson Brewer, P.S. Myers, & Michael Zhang

Mapping Knowledge: A Survey of U.S. Educational Historiography
David J. Roof

Becoming Leo: Servant Leadership as a Pedagogical Philosophy
Robert J. Fitzgerald

“They Never Really Tried to Reach Out to Us:” Examining the Identities and Confronting the Emotional Distance between Urban Youth and Schools
Andrew N. McKnight

Book Review:

Excellent Sheep:The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life
By William Deresiewicz
Reviewed by Steven P. Jones & Sariah E. Roberts

Video Essay:

The Academy Talks with Gary Orfield