Volume 8, Issue 1

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From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach

Social Reproduction and College Access: Current Evidence, Context,
and Potential Alternatives
Gabriel R. Serna & Rebecca Woulfe

Mathematics Attitudes and Achievement of U.S. High School Sophomores Based on Race
James Martinez

Language as a Field of Energy: A Critical Question for Language Pedagogy
Anna O. Soter & Sean P. Connors

An Education Foundations Course and Teacher Research: Addressing the Impact of Homelessness on Education
Karla Smart-Morstad, Sara Triggs, & Teri Langlie

Book Reviews:

What Color Is Your Hoodie: Essays on Black Gay Identity
By Jarrett Neal
Reviewed by Leslee Grey

Elite Schools: Multiple Geographies of Privilege
By Aaron Koh & Jane Kenway, Eds.
Reviewed by Burke Scarbrough