Volume 13, Issue 3

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From The Editor
Eric C. Sheffield


Was it What You Expected?: The Impact of COVID-19 on First-Year College Students
Cathy J. Pearman, Ching-Wen Chang, & Annice H. McLean

A Mixed Methods Study of Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives and Experiences with Blended Learning
Olha Ketsman

Top Down Policy and the Intersection of Teacher Belief and Action: A Photo Elicitation Study of the Impacts of Common Core State Standards
Renee M.R. Moran, Huili Hong, Karin Keith, Stacey Fisher, & Lashay Wood

Monumental Ideas in a Time of Crisis; Revisiting a Framework for Teaching with Monuments
Julia T. Novakowski, Bruce Urhmacher, & Barri Tinkler

The Relationship between Pre-Service Teachers’ Computational Thinking Skill Levels and Online Self-Regulated Learning Levels
Gülçin Zeybek

Power & Politics in the “Quest for Meaning”
Cheryl D. Ching

Book Review:

After the Ivory Tower Falls: How College Broke the American Dream and Blew up our Politics—and how to Fix it
by Will Bunch
Reviewed by Jeffrey Frenkiewich