Volume 10, Issue 2, Special Issue on the Digital Academic

Complete Issue

From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach


The Digitally Connected Academic: Public Scholarship and Activism in the Era of the Internet
T. Jameson Brewer & Julian Vasquez Heilig

Making the Case for Academia’s Engagement in Knowledge: Mobilization and Purposeful Public Scholarship in Social Media
Julian Vasquez Heilig & T. Jameson Brewer

The Public Intellectual is Dead, Long Live the Public Intellectual! The Postdigital Rebirth of Public Pedagogy
Derek R. Ford & Petar Jandrić

Becoming Relevant Again: Applying Connectivism Learning Theory to Today’s Classrooms
Jeff Utecht & Doreen Keller

Disrupting Epistemic Injustice in Education Research through Digital Platforms and Public Scholarship
Mary Quantz, Jason Y. Buell, & the Editorial Board of The Assembly: A Journal for Public Scholarship on Education

Tweeting from the Tower: Exploring the Role of Critical Educators in the Digital Age Theory
Morgan Anderson & Gabriel Keehn

On the Lived Experience of Truth in an Era of Education Reform: Co-responding to Anti-intellectualism
Matthew Kruger-Ross