Academy Books/Resources

Qualitative Research: A Primer for Undergraduate Researchers (2022)

John Dewey’s Imaginative Vision of Teaching (2020)

Making Sense of Race in Education: Practices for Change in Difficult Times (2019)

A Case for Kindness: A New Look at the Teaching Ethic (2019)

Why Kids Love (and Hate) School: Reflections on Practice (2018)

Why Kids Love (and Hate) School: Reflections on Difference (2018)

Blame Teachers: The Emotional Reasons for Educational Reform (2015)

Dystopia & Education: Insights into Theory, Praxis, and Policy in an Age of Utopia-Gone-Wrong (2013)

Strong Community Service Learning: Philosophical Perspectives (2011)

The Role of Religion in 21st Century Public Schools (2009)

Why Kids Hate School (2007)