CQIE Conference


Critical Questions in Education Conference

Since 2005, the Academy for Educational Studies has hosted an annual conference.  Currently, we have adopted a twice a year conference centered on the same theme, but in geographically diverse locations. The Critical Questions in Education conference is a unique event, inviting dialogue and presentations oriented around a theme question (or related theme questions).  The idea is to create an intimate environment where participants can come to think about a focused topic and perennial question related in schooling and education in contemporary society.

2018 Kansas City, Missouri

2018 Portland, Oregon 

2017 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

2017 New Orleans, Louisiana Keynote speakers: Nel Noddings, Stanford University ; Laurie Brooks

2016 Salt Lake City, Utah Keynote speakers: David Berliner, Arizona State University

2016 San Antonio, Texas 

2015 Baltimore, Maryland 

2015 San Diego, California Keynote speakers: Gary Orfield, UCLA; Francisco Ramirez, Stanford University

2014 Louisville, Kentucky Keynote speakers: Laurene Heybach, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless & Stephen Heyneman, Vanderbilt University

2013 San Antonio, Texas Keynote speakers: Gary Borich, UCLA & Linda McNeil, Rice University

2012 Springfield, Missouri Keynote speaker: Walter Feinberg, University of Illinois

2011 Kansas City, Missouri Keynote speaker: Mark Bauerlein, Emory University

2010 Chicago, Illinois Keynote speaker: Philip W. Jackson, University of Chicago

2009 St. Louis, Missouri Keynote speakers: Christopher Lucas, University of Arkansas & Daniel Kaufman, Missouri State University

2008 Branson, Missouri Keynote speakers: Kieran Egan, Simon Fraser University & Paul Theobald, Buffalo State University

2007 Springfield, Missouri Keynote speakers: Nel Noddings, Stanford University (Emeritus), Jordan Lorence, Alliance Defense Fund, T. Jeremy Gunn, ACLU

2006 Springfield, Missouri Keynote speakers: Philip Cusick, Michigan State University, Susan Ohanian, Independent Scholar, David Owen, Iowa State University (Emeritus)

2005 Springfield, Missouri Keynote speaker: Christopher Lucas, University of Arkansas

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