Volume 7, Issue 1

Complete Issue

From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach

Individual Manuscripts:

School Norms and Reforms, Critical Race Theory, and the
Fairytale of Equitable Education
Amy Rector-Aranda

Poverty, Unemployment and Homelessness: What do the
Textbooks Say?

Gail McEachron

Ready from Day One? The Relationship between Length of
Pre-Service Teacher Field Residency and Teacher Efficacy
Teresa G. Dorel, W. Sean Kearney, & Esther Garza

Critical Truth-Telling in Absurdity: Educational Inquiry, Bemusement,
and Democratic Change or what Happens when a College President,

an Entertainer, and Rhetorician Discuss Social Change over Dinner
Aaron M. Kuntz

Book Reviews:

From Charity to Equity: Race, Homelessness, & Urban Schools
By Ann Aviles de Bradley
Reviewed by Amy E. Stich

Blame Teachers: The Emotional Reasons for Educational Reform
By Steven P. Jones
Reviewed by Jarrett Neal

Video Essay:

The Academy Talks with Francisco Ramirez