Guidelines for Thresholds Guest Editors

Scholars interested in submitting a proposal to serve as a guest editor for an issue of Thresholds in Education, may do so by submitting a proposal to the Academy Editors. In that proposal, please provide the following:

  1. Topic/Area of interest
  2. Name(s) of Guest Editor(s)
  3. Scope and Focus of Project
  4. Significance of Topic/Area of Interest
  5. Tentative Time Table to Complete the Project
  6. Plan for Inviting and Evaluating Submissions/Proposals
  7. Current Vita of Editor(s)–Vita(s) not counted toward the 1,000 word limit.
    Each proposal will be reviewed by the Thresholds editorial board. Decisions will be made within thirty days of submission

Should a proposal be accepted, guest editors will be expected take on all editorial processes prior to formatting the issue for publication, including but not limited to,

  1. Creating the Call for Proposals, Full Papers, or Abstracts (depending on approach)
  2. Providing an email or other mechanism to receive proposals
  3. Communicating with authors throughout the publishing process
  4. Writing an issue introduction
  5. Delivering final versions of each manuscript to the Academy Editors, ensuring each has an abstract, keywords, and brief biographical sketch from each author to include in a Contributors Page