Volume 41, Issue 1 Spring 2018

What can American Educators Learn from
International Education?
Invited Guest Editors: Karla Smart-Morstad & Sara B. Triggs, Concordia College MN

Complete Issue

Individual Manuscripts:

Karla Smart-Morstad & Sara Triggs

A Crisis of Confidence: One Japanese Educator’s Pedagogical and Philosophical
Struggle to Enact Ethical and Individualized Practices in Her Classroom
and Beyond
Ellen P. Motohashi

The New Human Landscapes of Iceland: A Worldful of People and
Kristín R. Vilhjálmsdóttir

Lessons Learned from International Education: Three Educators’
Perspectives on Heutagogical Practices in Pennsylvania Public
School Teachers
Laura B. Miller, Jennifer L. Motter, & Vanessa A. Sral

Standardization, Assessment, and Globalization
Amy L. Kelly

Structuring a Short-Term Study Abroad Experience to Foster
Professional Identity Growth in Undergraduate Education and
Social Work Students
David Tack & Jeremy Carney