Volume 8, Issue 4, Special issue on Uncovering Youthspaces

Complete Issue

From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach

Guest Editor’s Introduction:

Uncovering Youthspaces: Activist Voices, Productive, Materialist Methodologies, and Social Inquiry
Sophia Rodriguez

Individual Manuscripts:

Latino/a Youth Activism in Higher Education: A New Materialist Analysis of the Latino Graduation Ceremony
Ryan Evely Gildersleeve & Brenda Jimenez Sifuentez

Placing Photovoice: Participatory Action Research with Undocumented Migrant Youth in the Hudson Valley
Deanna Del Vecchio, Nisha Toomey, & Eve Tuck

Unexpected Bodies and Pleasures: Sexuality and Gender in Schools
Darla Linville

“Man, Somebody Tell that Kid to Shut up”: YPAR Implementation at a Rural Alternative School in the Deep South
Hannah Carson Baggett & Carey E. Andrzejewski

Youth Learning to Be Activists: Constructing “Places of Possibility” Together
Kristen Goessling

“Don’t Let Our Dreams Die”: Undocumented Students’ Fight for Educational Equity in Tennessee
Krista Craven, Diana Montero, Jazmin Ramirez, Maria Robles, & Rodrigo Robles

Examining How Youth Take on Critical Civic Identities Across Classroom and Youth Organizing Spaces
Jesse Moya

Listening and Learning from Rangatahi Māori: the Voices of Māori Youth
Mere Berryman, Elizabeth Eley, & David Copeland

Willfulness and Aspirations for Young Women in Australian High Stakes Curriculum
Shane B. Duggan

“But I Said Something Now”: Using Border Pedagogies to Sow Seeds of Activism in Youth Empowerment Programs
Candace Thompson & Sheri C. Hardee