Volume 8, Issue 3

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From The Editors
Eric C. Sheffield
Jessica A. Heybach


Negotiating Competing Progressive Era Reform Impulses at Teachers College, 1889 to 1927
Sonia Murrow & Mary Rose McCarthy

“I Reassessed Who I Am” 
Casey O’Meara

“We don’t Recruit, We Educate”: High School Program Marketing and International Baccalaureate Programmes
Martha K. Donovan & Richard D. Lakes

From a Pedagogy of Vulnerability to a Pedagogoy of Resilience: A Case Study of the Youth and Gender in Media Project
Steven Funk & Jaydi Funk

Book Reviews:

Living Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
By Laura Ahearn
Reviewed by Yosin Khoshhal

Common Core Dilemma: Who Owns our Schools?
By Mercedes K. Schneider
Reviewed by Amy Kelly