Volume 46, Issue 1 Winter 2023

Investigating the Hysteria Around Critical Race Theory

Invited Guest Editor: Cheryl E. Matias

Complete Issue

Individual Manuscripts:

Hysteria, Hypermania, and Hullabaloo: How White Emotionalities Manufactures Fear of Critical Race Theory & Teaching
Cheryl E. Matias

Critical Race Theory in Schools? The Struggle for a more Inclusive Curriculum
Roland Sintos Coloma, Willie Brewster, Annette Christiansen, Mark P. Fancher, Cleveland Hayes, Lamar Johnson, Cheryl E. Matias, Don Wotruba, Melissa Baker, Nancy Campbell, Beth Kubitskey, & Anne R. Tapp

Conjuring the Devil: Historicizing Attacks on Critical Race Theory
Kevin Lawrence Henry, Jr., DeMarcus Jenkins, Mark White, & Carl D. Greer

“That Sounds Scary, Let’s Ban It:” Analyzing Manufactured Ignorance and the Attack on Critical Race Theory in K-12 Schools
Erin C. Scussel & Jennifer Esposito Norris

“Apóyame o haste a un lado”: Composite Storytelling as Resistance During an anti-CRT Climate in Teacher Education
Racheal M. Banda Érica Fernández, Brittany Aronson, & Ganiva Reyes

The Evasion Pedagogy of Anti-“Critical Race Theory” Policy Actions
Kara Mitchell Viesca, Alexa Yunes-Koch, & Tricia Gray

Silenced and Pushed Out: The Harms of CRT-bans on K-12 Teachers
Uma Mazyck Jayakumar & Rita Kohli

Affirming Black Sociality in a time of anti-CRT Legislation, White Emotionality, & Immunitary Whiteness
Benjamin Kearl

Critical Race Theory & Abolition: Disrupting Racial Policy Whiplash in Teacher Education
Edwin Mayorga & Jennifer Bradley

Misunderstanding the Campaign Against CRT: Absurdity &White Supremacy in Attacks on Teaching & Teacher Education
Richard Miller, Katrina Liu, & Arnetha F. Ball